Frequently Asked Questions

Elderly care serves the needs of old adults. It encompasses assisted living, adult daycare, long-term care, nursing homes (often called residential care), hospice care, and home care. HealthOK Global is dedicated to providing elderly care in India.

There are many ways to help the older adult stay safe and feel cared for, that are employed by HealthOK Global. Your loved one needs social interaction with someone physically. Check medications, hire help, keep them active, supply healthy meals, arrange a schedule, and utilize available resources.

In-home elderly care services or elderly care at home makes life easier for seniors who cannot perform their day-to-day activities efficiently due to age-related issues or injuries. The trained caregivers or attendants stay with the seniors 24/7 and help them with their routine tasks, cooking, eating medication, and more. HealthOK Global enables elderly care at home.

"Healthcare concerns of parents are indeed very personal, and we at HealthOK Global understand that every concern needs to be addressed carefully and personally. We have seen various concerns like parents in India not being comfortable or they could not trust someone else taking care of them instead of their own children, and that is understandable. The Care Team on the HealthOK Global platform (Care Co-ordinator, A Doctor, A NUrse, A Psychologist and a Nutritionist) is qualified and also experienced to take care of these situations. R However, delivering effective healthcare is like a partnership. It is important that members openly share their concerns with the Doctors on panel. As part of onboarding we make the members comfortable and increase their awareness about being transparent to the healthcare providers. Please feel free to highlight to us in case you need more support in this regard. "

We understand that providing specialised care for parents is a highly emotional and involved decision. Care for parents should not be based on unqualified internet research and ad hoc care. HealthOK Global's Care Plans are designed and implemented as per the unique needs of each parent. HealthOK Global's service will give you peace of mind that your parents are well taken care of and that you are not leaving any stone unturned when caring for your loved ones.

The HealthOk Global Service is not designed to terminate your association with your regular doctor. The HealthOK Service augments the efficacy of treatment through a care team consisting of a care coordinator, a doctor, a psychologist, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist who are continuously in touch with your parents to execute the wellness plan through continuous monitoring and health reviews, which your primary doctor may not have the time for.

The HealthOK Global service has a noble mission to deliver peace of mind to NRIs. We did a detailed survey of other companies that were taking care of senior citizens in India and also checked what aspect of healthcare was being delivered. We found that not only is HealthOK Global more price-competitive than other players, but we also offer more quality and value.

For seniors like our parents, having the ability to continuously monitor the various health parameters is game-changing. This helps considerably to lessen stress and take a positive preventive approach to healthcare. The regular, formal health reviews are comprehensive, detailed, and data-oriented. Your care team dives into all the aspects of your parent's physical health, emotional well-being, and mental health in these reviews and assesses improvements with pre-determined, agreed-upon goals. This allows the entire team, i.e., you, your parents, and your care team, to come together to achieve goals and review if progress is being made and if the HealthOK Global approach is helping or not.

After your onboarding into HealthOK Global is completed, the first step from the HealthOK Global is assign and introduce your Care Team to you. Your Team will be composed of highly qualified and certified Healthcare professionals from Health OK. This is a team consisting of a Care Coordinator, a Doctor, a Psychologist, a Physiotherapist and a Nutritionist. It is this team that is responsible for continuous monitoring, and formal health reviews and does that through both scheduled and on-demand consultations that take place through video or phone.

Your Care Team will be composed of highly qualified and certified Healthcare professionals from HealthOK Global. This is a team consisting of a Care Coordinator, a Doctor, a Psychologist, a Physiotherapist and a Nutritionist. It is this team that is responsible for implementing a tried and tested wellness strategy that includes a Customised Wellness Plan - this plan is holistic and covers various aspects such as diet & nutrition, medications, exercise, continuous monitoring of various health parameters & formal health reviews. We do not claim to give you the ideal approach to healthcare, but this approach significantly increases the chances of positive health outcomes.

Yes, We provide a list of specialty doctors on our panel for tele-consultation. Further, we can also book an appointment with a suitable doctor in the vicinity of your parents for in-person consultation.

Since 2014, HealthOK Global's virtual offering has been tried and stress tested to deliver wellness care virtually. We have been effectively supporting 200 plus families, all over India, through this platform. Having said that, there are instances when a physical touch is also required, that's when HealthOK Global will also provide in-person or physical support.

Discipline and motivation is indeed required to execute the Care Plan. Making Changes to a lifestyle that has been in place for many decades is not easy and it needs not only constantly making small changes but also encouragement and positive motivation. The Care Team regularly monitors the various parameters which means that small , yet effective changes can be implemented.

HealthOK Global's partner ecosystem consists of a large community of certified and verified providers of healthcare services that are required by seniors.

HealthOk Global is determined to ensure that all of our members get positive outcomes. Our Founding values are centered around Quality and Empathy. We are very confident about the level and quality of service that we offer to our members. It is something that we take very seriously and are very confident about. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our services , for any reason whatsoever, there is a 100% money back guarantee if you cancel or terminate the subscription within 3 months of joining. Beyond 3 months you can request to terminate / cancel the monthly subscription at any point in time.

The selection process for the healthcare professionals on the HealthOK Global Platform is rigorous. All the healthcare professionals on the HealthOK Global Platform - i.e. Doctors, Psychologists. certified nurses, certified nutrionists and experienced Care Coordinators - are onboarded onto the platform through interviews with the selection panel. The selection panel itself consists of eminent, highly qualified and experienced Doctors and Healthcare professionals. Thus only experienced, qualified healthcare professionals are onboarded onto the platform, who are not only vetted for their technical abilities but also their ability to be empathetic to patient needs.

HealthOK Global provides services in all Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India.

Think of the HealthOK Global service as an extension to the consultations that your local doctor is prociding. HealthOK Global will act as support to help ensure that the plan shared by your doctor is effectively executed and managed.

Before the onboarding call, we request our members to share their parents Health Insurance details with us - Policy document with details of coverage, inclusions and exclusions. Our team will not only keep this record handy for any future use but also carefully study the details. If we feel that you need additional top-up or coverage, we will make the necessary suggestions to the NOK. If Insurance is to be used for any medical needs, we will coordinate with the medical facility on behalf of the members till someone is physically available to take it from there.

The Wellness Plan defines a frequent and regular cadence of connections over Video Calls with your parents. For some parents a weekly call is sufficient. In some cases, it needs to be as frequent as twice a week. As this Wellness plan is custom-designed, the frequency of meetings is completely dependent on the condition of the member. Additionally, there are periodic health reviews that take place with the Next of Kin, i.e. You the NRI so that you are not only updated on the progress that your parents made but you get an opportunity to jointly as a team celebrate the success of your parents in achieving their health goals, along with your care team.

We will configure appointments on the HealthOK Global app for your parents and also remind them by call or message. For transportation, we can help to book an Ola/Uber if the facility is available at their location. However, we will prefer if they are managed locally by the parents. Charges for the same have to be borne by the member/parents.